Thursday, January 10, 2019

Letter From the Tundra

Dear Mum and Dad,

Even if the tundra is getting warmer it is still really cold. I am so glad I packed all of those warm clothes! We don't really do much apart from huddling in the tents, and at night we have to sleep all huddled up to try and stay warm.

When we took out all of the food, we found that it was frozen, so we defrost it by the battery heaters and the fire. It is quite scary to hear the polar bears outside at night, and the arctic foxes are a little bit scary, but nowhere near as much as the polar bears! It is really cool going to sleep at night listening to the snowy owls. I really want to see the reindeer!

It must be so warm back at home in New Zealand! When I come home, it won't feel as cold as it used to, because now I know what it's like to really be cold! It's so weird, because there are pretty much no plants here, and I am used to seeing plants wherever I go!

From Alanna


  1. Hi Alanna!

    Wow, great letter to Mum and Dad! I am sure they would be so chuffed to know that you picked to write to them for this activity! Have you shown them?

    I am a big baby when it comes to the cold, I don't think I would survive very well in a tundra - I would be cuddled up to someone all day for extra warmth!
    How about you? Do you prefer the hot weather or cold?

    I think that I would be scared of the polar bears too! I'm sure they would be very ferocious - It's great that you got to see so much wildlife on your journey! Is there anything else that you missed out on seeing?

    I think it is most definitely strange going places with no plants. I went on a trip to America where we went to Death Valley - it is one of the hottest places on earth, supposedly so hot you can fry an egg on the ground!
    There were no plants there and it felt very strange - I like that we are lucky enough to be surrounded by greenery in New Zealand.

    Do you think you would like to visit a tundra in real life?

    Great work with your letter Alanna, I really enjoyed reading about your experience - sounded awesome!
    Ellee :)

  2. Hi Alanna I'm Annabelle from Awahono school, I liked your work but I had trouble reading your work because it is to small. Next time you could say what tundra is.


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