Friday, June 22, 2018

Don't Feed Me, or I'll Peck You...

A couple weeks ago for writing, we had to pick some wildlife that live around our school. After that we had to choose a problem to do with that animal. We had to write it like a narrative from that animals point of view. I picked Sparrows and the fact that people feed them.

Don’t Feed Me, or I’ll Peck You… 

How would you feel if your mother was killed by gigantic blue Aliens? Well, just imagine it. My name is Lucky, and my mother got killed by the Aliens I just told you about. My life, as well as that of my father and brothers’, Tumble and Flash, has changed forever. It all started about a year ago, when my mother had just come back from scavenging for food one sunny afternoon, about two months after my brothers and I had been born.

My brothers and I were huddled together in the nest, listening to one of Grandpa Larry’s exciting tales of when he was a young sparrow, when our father, Fatso let out a muffled cry that sounded an awful lot like “April!”. Grandpa Larry immediately stopped telling us the story, and we all ran to the side of the nest. There, flying towards us, were two members of the Sparrow Patrol. Between them they were supporting a big brown and grey bundle. We couldn’t think what made Father cry out, until we saw what the bundle was. It was Mother. Then we all let out little cries of “Mother!”, just as they landed in the nest. Mother died not long after, and her dying wish was that we should stop any other birds from eating the Alien’s food.

Which is how we come to today. Father woke me up early this morning, and we left Tumble and Flash at home. Today is my first hunt. After the exhausting fly from our safe tree, with it’s calming smell of lemon, to the danger of the destroyed trees that the Aliens sit on. Father and I are now sitting here, waiting tensely, along with all of the other birds, waiting. The only thing is, Father and I are waiting for a completely different reason to everyone else. As I glance around, I notice that I am not the only one on my first hunt. Many of my old friends were also their. When I say old friends, I mean that they stopped being my friend when I told them to stop their family members eating Alien food. Of course, all of the birds know someone who has died of Alien food, but they blame it on other things. It is down to Father and I to stop other birds.

The Aliens are coming out now! I can see why Mother and Father described them as gigantic. They are absolutely huge! “We have to flit away from the mangled trees as the Aliens come out of the hole that they open and close, otherwise they will trample us,” is what Father told me on our way here. I see what he means. I just about lost a tail feather just then! I need to be a bit faster next time. I think I’ll start looking around now, as the Aliens are starting to fling food at us. Oh no! It can’t be! “Father! Look! Someone is eating Alien food!” But Father can’t hear me. It’s up to me now. I hop over to the poor bird, just as he swallows the chunk of seedy white stuff. As I watch, he starts to choke and splutter. “Father!” I yell at the top of my lungs. He’s not going to come.

I can tell that the bird is dying. He looks the same as Mother did when she arrived at the nest. Suddenly, a thought pops into my head. “What is your name mister bird?” I ask him cautiously. “B - B - B - Bill.” He manages to whisper through his choking “My name is Lucky,” I reply. “Would you please be able to tell me where your family lives? Or show me, maybe?” Bill’s raising a wing. When he at last stops moving it, he is pointing to the small prickly leaved bush beside the big place where the Aliens keep any of their pointless stuff that they don’t need. “FATHER!” I scream again. Finally, he hears me, and comes swooping towards me. “We need to get this poor bird back to his family. They live over there, in that prickly tree. He swallowed some of the seedy stuff that the Aliens throw.” Father and I support poor Bill between us, and stagger through the air, just as the Sparrow Patrol did last year.

As we arrive at the nest, we see two young sparrows, that look like they were born this year, with another sparrow that I assume is their mother. As we land in their nest, I can see that they look really worried. When we land in the nest, Father takes off and flies back to the cut trees, and I know that this reminds him too much of Mother’s death. I know that I need to handle this by myself. “He’s dead.” I tell them. “He ate some of that seedy stuff that the Aliens feed us sparrows. I tried to stop him, but it was too late. It happened to my mother as well. Ever since, my family and I have been on the lookout.” “I don’t know how we can ever repay you. Er, my name is Charlotte and these are my daughters, Coco and Brownie. I take it that other sparrow was your brother?” Charlotte babbled after a long pause. “No, he’s my father. His name’s Fatso, and I’m Lucky,” I replied. “Look I’ve got a plan, just let me go get Father first.”

“Father! Father! FATHER!” I’m flying, weaving through the legs of the Aliens, and finally I find him. Lying on the wood. There is an Alien looming above him, kicking him. When he is finally satisfied, he turns around and high-fives his mate. “Dead.” He booms. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I see one of the Aliens, lurking beside the edge of the hole, eyes shining. Once the two boy Aliens have gone, the hiding Aliens emerges. I see that she is of the female variety, as her extremely strange, long feathers are scraped back and tied with a bit of elastic. As she steps closer and closer to Father, I see that her eyes are wet. Even so, I hop back a bit. She bends down and scoops up father. I act instinctively, just like everyone else would if they saw an Alien picking up their dead father. I swooped at her head, but the noise she makes stopped me. It’s like a soft, crooning noise, and I instantly knew that she isn’t going to hurt me. I follow her out to our huge field, to the corner by the big tree and the little bush, and watch her as she buries Father between the flax plants.

I zoom through the air to our nest, where I find Tumble and Flash sitting and playing Leaves. “Father’s dead.” I say sharply. “Dead?” “You’re Joking!” They cry and I tell them about the two boys. “You need to follow me, I’ve got an idea but I need your help. We’re going to a family who have just lost a loved one. They want to help us.” With that I took off from the nest, and a flutter of wing beats behind me told me that they were following me. I arrive back at the nest in the prickly bush, and at once they say, “Where’s your father?” “He … He’s dead. Two Alien boys Killed him, and a kind Alien girl buried him by the flax. So I went to get my brothers. Here they are. This is Tumble, with the darker wings, and this is Flash, with the white neck. Now, here’s my plan.”

OK, so now we are all waiting for the Aliens to come out. It's a few nights after I told everyone about my plan, and now we're putting it into action. Oh, here they come. Just a few more minutes. “NOW!” I scream, as the Aliens start throwing food around. We all swoop over their heads, aiming a peck here and there. We all have white banners with red writing flying from our tails. They all start screaming and throwing their strange wings over their heads. As they all run through their hole, we fling our banners in with them. The last thing we see, as they slam the thing blocking the hole shut, are our miniature banners, with there red writing flashing. The last words we see are “Don’t feed me, or I’ll peck you…”

Friday, May 18, 2018


During class we have started playing Multiverse. It is an extension game of Mathletics so all you need is a Mathletics account. I think that Multiverse is really good because it help with times tables in a really fun way. You can unlock planets and scan for objects by solving times tables to unlock more. It is all pretty much a gigantic quest to solve times tables. At first it is sort of easy but then it gets harder and more challenging.